Spinsters Get Up For Breakfast
→ "You think that you’re the only one whose life is hell because of this prick? 'Liv do this! Liv do that!' I’m sick of it.

I want him to watch.

Emma Thompson as “Nanny McPhee”


FANGIRL CHALLENGE | friendships [5/10] Diane & Will


FANGIRL CHALLENGE | friendships [5/10] Diane & Will

❝ If I don’t write, I become restless and ill-tempered. I become dissatisfied. My reaction to not writing is both physical and emotional. I am incomplete without my work. I am so closely bound to it, so much identified by it, that without it I think I would crumble into dust and drift away. ❞

— Terry Brooks (via beautyofsorrow)

TITLE: Sparky Personality
ARTIST: Maria Doyle Kennedy
PLAYED: 75 Plays

i wonder if you ever get to sleep anymore? 

You think it’ll work?

Shit, as they say, is completely sideways, Fe.

Holiday (1938)