Spinsters Get Up For Breakfast

And Ame Lived Happily Ever After


(PICTURES!!! Tumblr is being a butthead and won’t let me post them underneath the text so here are they are at the top).

So, even though I am supposed to be on a hiatus right now, I figured this was worth breaking that. I am really exhausted right now; mentally and physically, and so much has happened I am still kinda shocked and processing. I actually met Bebe Neuwirth. My queen. Bebe. Today was seriously one of THE BEST days of my life. I can’t even begin to actually describe everything accurately and explain exactly how I feel but I’m gonna try before I forget stuff.

I’m gonna start at the beginning. My mom and I woke up really early to catch our bus and even though we were prepared to be there 40 minutes early, we literally drove around in circles for that entire 40 minutes trying to figure out the exact pick up point. It was SO stressful. We literally made it within 2 minutes of the bus leaving. I got on the bus thinking “If the rest of the day is like this it’s going to end in me crying myself to sleep.”

We got into NY City about noon and had some lunch in the park before heading to Classic Stage Company at about 1. We got there REALLY early because we wanted to pick up our tickets and then go back to walking around and seeing some shops and what not (We’d never been to that part of NY before, most of the time we stay in Times Square). But, turns out, will call didn’t open until 2. So we stepped outside of the theatre and started figuring out what we were going to do.

This is basically when it happened.

My mom is a jokester and likes to point to people on the street and go “hey doesnt that look like ___?” Or “Maybe when we are here we’ll meet ____” virtually every time we see a show or are in a big city. So we were standing there and she points towards the stage door, about 10 feet away from us, and says totally jokingly: “Is that Bebe?” I turned around and I recognized her INSTANTLY. She was in profile talking to her husband who was chilling on his bike. I literally felt my heart drop to my stomach and turned back to my mom. YES is all I got out.

She grabbed my arm and said “well come on then!” At the moment i lost the ability to be coherent. I actually don’t remember the next 30 seconds very well: I froze, I do know that, and my mom said my eyes filled with tears and I started saying “What do i do?” over and over. I do vaguely remember saying that. She literally started pushing me towards the stage door and after a few seconds I composed myself and was ok but I still couldn’t really talk. Mom to the rescue! She said hi and told her that I was a big fan, saw her in The Addams Family, and that we had come from MD to see her. I finally found my voice. “Will you be signing autographs after?

She was like “well…I…can I do it now?” I turned to my stuff and to my mom and back to her and was like “I don’t have a playbill.” And she was like “well…umm…ok ill pop my head out the door after the show ok?” And i was like “ok! thank you!”

So we walked around for a little and then waited inside for the show and i was still kinda in shock. Then we walked into the theatre and i was surprised, again, to find literally only like 100 seats in the whole theatre. I had picked second row seats and we were like on top of the action everyone was REALLY close up. And, with the way blocking worked out, Bebe ended up on our side of the theatre a lot. SCORE. The play was SO funny and just really great overall. The guy that played Puck was HILARIOUS, the lovers were even better than i hoped (Christina Ricci did a really great job! She definitely bumped up a little in my book) and the guys that played Lysander and Demetrius were really hot. And all of Bebe’s scenes were amazing as expected. There was even a bit of dancing that she did and that was pretty exciting.

The show was about 2 and a half hours, i was TOTALLY fine with that, and we left the theatre and went back out to the stage door to wait. A bunch of the actors came out (C.R. ducked out and ran i totally missed it but my mom saw her lol). I asked the actor that played Oberon (Anthony Heald) for his autograph and i chatted some with him he was SO nice and was excited to hear that I had been in Midsummer in high school as well :)

And then, my guess is Bebe is a literalist, she popped her head out of the door. It was one of those open the door a crack, out came her head and she looked around for me. When she saw me she came down and asked if i liked the show, i said something along the lines of “i loved it was great really funny, etc etc” and she signed my playbill for me. Then I asked for a picture and she was like “Uhh…ok” and started trying to fix her hair (seriously. the woman is never gonna believe anyone that she is gorgeous without make up is she?!) So we got that and then SHE thanked US for coming all the way from MD to see her! I told her of course and that she inspires me so much and she smiled and was like “awww thank you!” She seemed to be in a hurry the whole time, I’m sure she had somewhere to go.

But like…she took time out of her schedule to come out and see ME. She could have said no, she could have ignored me, she could have been rude. But, even though she was in a bit of a hurry, she was so nice to me and thanked me for coming to see her and took time out of her schedule for me. Seriously, she is every bit as amazing in person as people say. 

So, yeah. It is now 130am my time and I need to go to bed. So I’m gonna end my story there. I’m not even gonna ATTEMPT to say how im feeling because it wouldn’t work or serve the situation justice. I still feel like I’m dreaming.  Like this is one of those things where I’m gonna wake up again and none of it happened, even though I know it did. I am just so HAPPY :)

 I shall try to check back in tomorrow evening. Good night! :)